Mission Transformation Lab

100 Schools to get Free of cost Robotics Lab

Mission Transformation Lab

(100 Schools to get Free of cost Robotics Lab)

With a vision of “Revolutionizing Education System”, Robochamps has launched “Mission Transformation Lab” in the year 2019 across the world. The Transformation Lab cultivates

  • Progressive
  • Creative
  • Practical
  • Individuality
  • Innovative

All these skills prepare our children for our upcoming future where the world is completely digitalized.

MTL is a Learn & Create space for the children where they educate themselves with the Live- Projects they work on. In MTL, a child learns a lot about Technology and Robotics with the use of the tools and equipment on their own. The Lab offers numerous Live projects for the kids to build and learn. It is entirely built on the grounds of Hands-on-Practice to enable students for practical experience of all the facts learned. This lab eliminates the traditional mode of cramming & only reading by Real-Time Experience.

We strive in embracing the Artificial Intelligence in the classrooms to indulge students with applied science in Robotics which is the certain future of our country. Robochamps also conducts several competitions to highlight our Robotic Champion; held in City, State, National, and International Levels. We believe that education is not preparing for life instead it is life itself.

  • Creates Affinity to Programming
  • Develops Diverse Skills
  • Teaches to Simplify Complex Technologies
  • Induces Creative Thinking
  • Enhances Engagement to Learning
  • Emergence of New Innovation
  • Encourages STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)
  • Facilitates Hands-on-Learning
  • Developing Futuristic Technology
  • Problem Solving & Training
  • Exposure to Progressive Technology
  • Learning becomes Fun

Robotic lab set-up

Transformation Lab
A lab that is exclusively fabricated to “transform”, meaning to “change the approach of Education and Learning”. It is entirely built on the grounds of Hands-on-Practice to enable students for practical experience of all the facts learned. This lab eliminates the traditional mode of cramming & only reading by Real-Time Experience.


Choose the Right Plan

Our Programs are especially designed for all the keen and passionate people in the field of Robotics. The programs are customized and set in accordance with the students to benefit and not clash with their pursuing subjects.

Integrated Program

An Integrated Program enables a child to indulge oneself into Robotics and un-riddle his own capabilities. This program is administered on the students to widen their scope of interest; opening up new doors and teaching loads of benefits of the technologies. Similarly, including a Robotics Session in a child’s daily schedule will indirectly enforce them to work their skills through the technologies.

  • Robotics Training
  • Hands-on Practice Training
  • After-class learning
  • Robotics Library
  • Availability of trainers at school
  • Dashboard for School and Students
  • Installation of the lab
  • Certification after every three months
  • Competitions
  • International Level Championship
  • List Item

Voluntary Program

Where a student can willingly opt to learn robotics & its Analogies. A voluntary Program will be an “Optional” and “Open for all”. This program welcomes all the technology lovers and the students eager to learn Robotics. We provide an exclusive platform to the students interested in Technologies with hands-on-practice.

  • 1.5 hours a class per day
  • Robotics Training
  • Hands-on Practice Training
  • Lifetime Support
  • TTP (Teacher Training Program)
  • Assessments
  • Certification after one year
  • Competitions

Our Model

Transformation Lab

Transformation Lab is currently based on Hands-on Learning and STEM Education. The Lab is designed for the children to learn curiously about the technologies, that is son to become a part of their life. The Robotics Training in the Lab imparts and quantitative as well as qualitative skills, making them a better human in the near future.

  • Free of Cost Lab Setup
  • Free of Cost Lab Setup
  • Lab Management
  • Modules Provision
  • Lab Installation
  • Complete Support
  • Robotics Kits Provision


  • Complimentary for Schools
  • Schools learn from Scratch and not Plug & Play
  • Exclusively Hands-on Practice
  • Training only from Professionals
  • Customized Curriculum
  • Periodic Championships & Competitions
  • Training only from Professionals
  • Certification every 3 months

Choose Your Lab

Individual Labs (Build your own Lab)

Encompass the Robotic Lab in your school to indulge the students into Robotics and Technology. We will provide you with all the necessary equipment and materials.

Mobile Labs (No space ? No worries)

You will be provided with a Mobile Lab where the labs will be brought to the students. We provide the requisite equipment for the day in a trolley.

Merged Labs (Merge all Science Labs with Robotics)

You can merge your Science Labs( Physics, Chemistry, Biology) with Robotics Lab with minimal space to educate your students in Robotics and Technologies.

ISA Dubai

Sponsored by

Robochamps is sponsoring this year the International Conference and nominations for 100 schools from across the globe. Want to be a part of ISA Family this year?

You can get a sponsored Conference Pass when you collaborate with Robochamps.


ISA Dubai

Robochamps will be selecting only 100 schools to sponsor in ISA Dubai 2019 where we together aim to build a community of World Class Community. This Conference cum Award show recognizes the efforts and contributions of the Educational Pioneers across the globe.

About Event

International School Awards- the most reliant brand in Educational Award is here again this year with new dimensions and perception towards Learning of today’s Youth. With thousands of Educators, Influential Speakers from all over the world; Keynotes and Panel Discussions by prominent Delegates.

The sponsorship is 100% inclusive of the travel expenses, VISA, accommodation, and Food, along with the Conference Pass. Get your school upgraded with the Transformation Lab and become a part of the International School Awards.

Service Charge​​

Robochamps charges a service charge from the students for all the services provided to them for a complete year.

  • Robomaster Championship
  • Technobot Championship
  • Robonauts Championship
  • International Robotics Championship
  • Monthly Seminars on Entrepreneurship in Schools​
  • Certification after 3 months​
  • Library Provision to issue their own Robotics Lab
  • Rs. 350/- will be charged per student per month*

*Note- 200 is the minimum number of students
required in your school.

Requirements from School

  • The School has to provide 500- 600 sqft. of built-up space. All the lab set up and equipment will be done within the area. The existing space can be used for official use of Robochamps Lab (size of a classroom)
  • Support for enrolling Students
  • Science Lab
  • Dedicated & Qualified Staff
  • Regular Attendance of 75% & above the staff & enrolled students over the past 3 years
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