Our Achievements

Tushar was always inclined towards Techs and Robotics. RoboChamps paved the way to fulfill his dreams with easy learning and hands-on experience regimes.

Tushar Sarin

He made a Line following Robot in merely 25 minutes without any aid, which is a bit difficult for kids of that age! He even explained it in front of a crowd boastfully.

Vinayak Tara

RoboChamps targeted 70 underprivileged kids in one batch to educate them of Robotics and the advancing techs.

Adopted Slum Kids for Training​

RoboChamps was successful in setting up one of the biggest Robotics Lab in Ludhiana. The Lab Opened up doors for a multitude of students interested in Technology and Robotics!

Transformation Lab in Sacred Heart School, Ludhiana

An enormously revolutionizing step towards Education! Ludhiana witnessed its first Robotics Academy. The Academy is regarded as “the fun and interactive space that aims in combining Learning & Practical Education.

First Robotics Academy in BCM School

RoboChamps organized this event in association with Harvin Academy. Around 150 students actively participated, where they were educated about Robotics from the basics. The complete hands-on-practice sessions created a great buzz among the students!

Robotics for Everyone

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