About us

Robochamps was founded with a vision of turning around the Education Regime by exposing students to practical sessions. It aims in strengthening the future of skilled technocrats by incorporating practical education as an integral part in the formative years of a child. It is dedicated to encourage Hands-on Learning and Artificial Intelligence in the classroom to impart a real time experience.

Our Mission

“Inculcating Robotics in schools to educate children in their formative years”

Our vision

“Completely revolutionizing the Education Regime”

Our Team

Akshay Ahuja​

Founder & CEO, Robochamps India

“Education when combined with Artificial Intelligence makes an inevitable future “

Rajesh Batra

Creative Director, Robochamps India

“Robotics is a beginning of New Era”

Sheena Sharma​

Co-Founder, Robochamps India

“Illuminated Future is the end design of the Present skills and learning.”

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